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Ruby-throated Hummingbird – female

Nikon D300, 500mm PF, 1/800s, f5.6, iso800

I was so excited to see a pair of Ruby-throated hummingbird came back to the feeder again. I thought they have left as i didn’t see them for long awhile. Quickly setup my camera on the tripod and wait for them to return.

That day was a hot day, they seemed to be very thirsty and hungry for the sugary water. They didn’t stay at the feeder long enough to get a good shot. They come and go after few sip of the sugary water. I had a very short window each time to photograph them.

My shutter speed wasn’t fast enough to freeze the wing. May need to introduce some light to light up the feeder area. Hopefully that will be able to increase my shutter speed to freeze their wings.


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