Harvest Moon

Nikon D300, 500mm PF, 1/30s, f16, iso200

Overheard the evening news mentioned about having Harvest Moon that night. Immediately rushed for my dinner and went out to look for a suitable open field to capture it. Went to a local town park and thinking I would have some trees as foreground and moon as background. But I didn’t realize that the park was hosting a baseball game night. The whole area was filled with lights and baseball fans…😔.

Quickly pulled out my trusty Google Maps to look for other open area. At the end, decided to go to a lake which is near the town park I was at. When I arrived at the lake, the whole carpark was packed with observers. Managed to park the car and get a spot for a closeup shot.

It is excited to see many parents brought their kids to observe the Harvest Moon.

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