Cooper’s Hawk – juvenile

Nikon D300, 500mm PF, 1/2500s, f5.6, iso500

I had a rare opportunity to work with a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk which perched a bit lower than usual. It didn’t notice me taking the photos until another cooper hawk flew in to ‘rescue’ it from me 😡. I had a good time observing the hawk despite it was just lasted for couple minutes. It was a highlight of my day.

7 replies to “Cooper’s Hawk – juvenile

      1. I had a guy pull up behind me couple days ago while I was shooting a GBH from my car window on a wildlife drive. The guy blew his car horn! 😤 He had perfectly clear passage to go by me. It really irked me. Of course, the GBH took flight and was gone.

        There are many of us (you & me included!) that know to respect wildlife. Then there’s the humans that are ruining the wildlife’s range and habitat, making it harder for them to survive and for us to share their beauty.

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