Blue Jay vs Cooper’s Hawk

Nikon D300, 500mm PF, 1/4000s, f7.1, iso640

There were few Blue Jays making lots of noise at the preserve. I thought they are having some form of ‘celebration’ or mating calls. Didn’t really pay attention to them and the noise. I continued my walk to look for photographing objects. I was so excited when I saw a Cooper’s Hawk preening at the treetop. It has been awhile since I last saw a hawk.

Trying to look for an angle to avoid having branches around the hawk. It was very hard to concentrate as the Blue Jays continue making lots of noise. Not sure where were those Blue Jays initially until I saw one of them flew near the hawk. Just realized that those Blue Jays were trying to chase the hawk away with those noisy calls. But it didn’t work as the hawk continue doing its’ preening. The hawk flew away after it had done with its’ preening. So did the Blue jays.

Nothing interesting was happening except those noises. I believe those noise is warning call to other Blue Jays or birds about the danger and not to chase the hawk away.

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