Great Egret – followup

Nikon D300, 500mm PF, 1/640. f5.6, iso640

This is to follow up from previous post. Whether I am hitting my camera limitation or my setting error for not having much detail on pure white object. I was able to get closer to her for this closer shot. I managed to pickup some more detail but still lack of detail compare to other color object. Wondering whether there is anything I can do to improve this or it is my camera limitation. I am hoping it is my setting which I can work on immediately.

3 replies to “Great Egret – followup

  1. Me again 😃. You might be looking to get something that is not there.

    Have you ever taken a good crisp shot of a Cedar Waxwing? There is no feather detail other than the wings. They have tight and smooth feathers. Egrets, and a few other wading birds are similar. Their feathers are tight, smooth, and nearly water tight because they live in marshes. That’s why you rarely see an Egret muddy, even when standing right in the muck. The detail in camera depends on your angle at time of shooting.

    If you have a zoo nearby, that has Egrets, you should visit. I stand close to these birds in the wild all the time, and with the naked eye feather details are difficult.

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