Brown Headed Cowbird – male

Nikon D300, 500mm PF, 1/1600, f7.1, iso640

The hot and humid weather was torturing and preventing me from walking few more miles into the trail. Just wanted to go home, sit under the shade and sipping a large glass of icy cold lemonade. I was only half way through the trail but I felt like I had done multiple laps of what I used to do during winter. It was a lousy feeling walking out of the trail half way through. I couldn’t concentrate on looking for any subjects to photograph.

Just on my way out of the trail, the cowbird perched right in front of me. Quickly aimed the camera at him and released the shutter button. I had few shots of him and that made me feeling a bit better. I didn’t go home with empty memory card 😅.

Note: The weather here has nothing to compare with south. But …. I just can’t take heat. 🤣


  1. You got a shot and a nice image of a Cowbird. Take the win 😂😂. A few days ago I walked a mile in a tropical salt marsh with bright 100 degree sun, sharp tropical palm leaves biting us, in general ughhhh ! A Bald Eagle watched us walk by from fairly close… I caught an out of focus giant bird butt. Again, you came out the winner 😂😂😃

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