Belted Kingfisher – Male

Nikon D300, 500mmPF, 1/640, f5.6, iso400

I am getting closer to him on each visit. He comes to the area to fish more frequent than last few months. Hopefully one day he will get comfortable with me and allowing me to take a closeup photo of him. Will he perch on the same spot?

The image was heavily cropped. The IQ is poor. Will higher resolution and newer camera resolve this IQ issue?


  1. Do you have a telephoto lens and a tripod? Those are often essentials for bird photography (not that I’m an expert at all, but that has been my experience. I’m definitely still refining how I shoot birds!).


  2. You already have an excellent eye, and great fieldcraft, successfully spotting birds and approaching them in their native habitat. So upgrading gear might be a good next step. I have the same Nikkor 500mmPF lens that you are using. But I’m using a Nikon D850. Your D300 has a 12.3 megapixel DX sensor while my camera has a 45.7 megapixel FX sensor. Whatever image you collect is recorded at almost 4X less resolution than mine. I’m not sure what “IQ” means… but I think you would see definite improvement in resolution and crop-ability with an upgraded camera.

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    1. Sam,
      Thanks for your inputs. I am looking into upgrading my camera body. Thinking of D850 or waiting for a bit long for D850 successor or maybe a D4S. D4S is a bit old but I like the build quality.

      IQ = Image Quality

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