Two Tailed Spider

Nikon D300, SB26 & SB800, Tamron 180mm, 1/2s, f18, iso500

Two Tailed spider is a common spider that can be found in the wood. Even though it is a common spider but hard to find as it is heavily camouflaged. Normally I have to carefully scan through each tree trunk from top to bottom multiple times before move on to next tree trunk.

The two tailed spider isn’t camera shy. As long as I do not disturb them, it will stand still for me to photograph. I could take up an hour to setup my camera and take photos, it would still stand still patiently. It is one of my favorite night macro object.


  1. I wonder if they are related to the banded fishing spider. They look similar except for coloration. The fishing spider is black and white instead of brown and white.

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