More Eastern Bluebird

Nikon D300, 500mm PF, 1/1000s, f6/3, iso640

This female Eastern Bluebird might have noticed me taking photo of them. She stood still and posted for me. Spent few minutes observing them sipping water from the stream. This stream might have been serving more than just these Eastern Bluebirds during this harsh winter. I did see Northern Cardinal and river otter around.

Will spend more time observing around this unfrozen stream area. Hope to see more wildlife around.


  1. I really love how their blue coloring pops in these snowy scenes. Did you adjust the color in the photos or is it really that beautiful this time of year? Our Western Bluebirds don’t seem that blue right now.

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    1. Yes, I applied Camera Calibration for Blue Saturation. Trying to bring out the color for all but it also impacted the blue. Thanks for pointing this out. I will pay more attention to this in future.

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