White-Tailed Deer

Nikon D300, 500mm PF, 1/1600s, f/14. iso800

Spent a late morning driving on a county road to no particular place. Just trying to get out of town to have some fresh air. Turning into small road to explore new places. I drove pretty slow when there wasn’t any car behind. I was hoping to see something interesting.

I was turning into a smaller road to get out of the county road to avoid traffic. Not long after I turned in, I saw a group of whitetail on the roadside. They noticed me when I stopped my car. Rolled down the window and rest the camera on the window. My present made them very uneasy and all of them were on high alert. I had few photos of them staring at me from far. Decided to get down to walk closer to them. The moment I opened the car door, they started running away.

Argh …. I should have waited a bit longer.


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