Racoon 2

Nikon D300, 500mm PF, 1/800s, f8, iso640

This is the same raccoon I posted yesterday but with different surrounding and background.

I noticed the histogram for these 2 photos are totally different. The snow scene fooled the camera sensor and made the histogram skewed to the right. This photo has different foreground and most of the color tones are closer to mid grey. That help to create a better histogram which also help on post processing color adjustment. I could do more adjustment on this photo than the earlier photo with mostly white snow.

I have lots to learn on spot metering (checkout Steve Perry spot metering). The theory seem simple to look for mid tone color and adjust the camera accordingly. But when I am out in the field with such a sudden opportunity, I need to react quickly. I guess it isn’t simple after all. Need to practice more to understand this simple theory.

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