Northern Flicker (Male)

Nikon D300, 500mm PF, 1/250s, f25

This was the same male Northern Flicker (Yellow Shafted) that I have posted last week. The flicker perched on a branch with better background. But I was too excited to see him and forgot to adjust my camera setting. I set my camera on shuttle priority and didn’t pay attention to changing condition.

Recently I revisited my camera setting on metering (picked up few adjustment tips from Steve Perry). I used to shoot in controlled environment (gym) or small area (macro) where lighting condition could be same through out the session. Shooting bird photography is very challenging as the shooting condition is changing on every frame. I have a lot to learn to improve. Feel free to drop me your comment and critique.


  1. Great photo! It’s fun to revisit birds and see them doing different things. In the caption, you mention f/25… are you sure? From my understanding, a very high f-stop would give very long depth of field, and I would have expected the branches in the distance to be sharp, instead of blurred? I’m still learning!

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    1. You are correct. I was using shuttle priority and forgot to readjust when lighting situation is different. My camera pushed the aperture to meet the bright lighting situation. I should increase my shuttle speed to have better f-stop. I am learning all this control again. By posting my setting will help me to recognize it and improve on my next shooting.


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